our country India 'knowledgeable, mystics, I Tejsvion land where people with great knowledge capital in the world was astonished by dedicated people saying I had broken! Knowledge involved in India, you have the world Mukutmani the I Jagadguru do I, but today the post-Independence made the country's environment, it is clear that the values ​​falling in the I, we all feel directionless and Pshchatwikrn and materialization due to the newness of the Races include I the atmosphere survival recognizing how for this country wise worried I all their in efforts are working but affective mental revolution, program, meets and through speeches made can not have I By education we turn towards the contrary opinion I can do.

Other countries imitated built on education-system by virtually Today Indian special stymied the worst affected, the Indian woman, I Swami Vivekananda's vision educated and my country's female community and the nation in the prime of striving I will do.

It is true that any family, society and the cornerstone of the nation is the only woman I have differences in men and women in terms of nature we can not deny that the current era of women I see us growing in every area! But he neglected Watslyvihin environment brought new generation of its obligation ridicule appears to I Indian life based on the values ​​of leadership, dignity, Karmnishta and maternity Model colossally the girl's reasonably may develop I the same girl in the physical, mental , intellectual, Adhyarmik support by creating their innate-creativity Indian mother in the service to our goal I though this task Chunatipuarn in I but society cooperation shelter from the institution girl superior rite awakening them to the national life and to integrate resolved! It is believed that the woman must be reborn Susnskar cultured nation and the country will be the re-establishment of values.

With these objectives in mind than in 2001 Swami Vivekananda Education Society, Gorakhpur Muse as an innovative educational project has established a girls' school! The above values of our organization striving to build Abhisincit students!

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