# Features
1 Vidya Bharati development of students planned for the system of education viz Panchamukhi (A) Physical Education (b) mental Education (c) Vocational Education (D) moral education (e) Religious Education
2 Excellent results in the Board and competitive examinations.
3 Clean, beautiful and modern suite with a Surykund and Subhas Chandra Bose building in the city campus.
4 Clean, beautiful and modern suite with a Surykund and Subhas Chandra Bose building in the city campus.
5 By competent and sophisticated instructors teaching through innovative psychological methods.
6 Set and arrange regular homework.
7 Overall evaluation of the student "continuous evaluation method" (CCE) to use.
8 All the facilities of sports for all students.
9 A macro library and reading room for self-study.
10 Snskarkshm environment in terms of production values, emphasizing everyday life.
11 Handwritten journal and writing talent to develop students 'Madhav mirror' system to accomplish.
12 Shpaty interactions and trends for the development of students' activities and use various functions such as the force.

(A) The system conservativism, civic sense, eloquence Kiwyvstha to develop the student parliament.

(B) developing a sense of responsibility for the formation of student ministry.

(C) knowledge of the topics set for the various student councils.

13 For social and geographical knowledge Deshdrshn travel, historical sight-seeing, forest resort, student camps and educational exhibition arrangements etc.
14 Their homeland, culture, religion, tradition and culture for men to get knowledgeable about the system of knowledge exam.
15 Contact information for the proper development of the students and the teacher and the parent or guardian required parent conference arranged meeting.
16 Academics in school management committee, parents, social workers and instructors representing individuals.
17 Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), according to curriculum set by the subject.
18 IX / X: Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Commerce, Computer Science.
19 To develop scientific talent in students' science Bharati formed.
20 Using the smart class study and teaching.
21 Residential students qualified instructors to arrange for additional training.
22 School generator (power generation) features.
23 Soft adequate drinking water.
24 School students from every corner of the country.