In the modern economy of education, indicating that expression of human underlying capabilities. No education information throughout the brain shovel. We believe that the ultimate truth that exists within us, the ultimate realization of truth and expression should be the primary objective of our education system.

Inspired by these ideas flourished and virtue of Guru Gorakhnath salila Rapti (ancient Acirawati) Abhisinchit holy land by Saraswati Shishu Mandir in Gorakhpur plan emerged in 1952. As the comprehensive development Vidya was all India.

Great importance in the construction of individual values. Rite child receives from its Watawarn. More time for the child to the proper rites have to be in the same Snskarmay environment. Inspired by these ideas and you all on the strength of affection and cooperation in Gorakhpur Saraswati Balika Vidyalaya hostel was founded in 2014 in Surykund. Pentapody Indian education system that runs the state's best Chhatravson the hostel and residential schools in the district, not only stands in the front row and is on a path of sustainable development.

Education is the name of the behavior of the child's life and bring positive changes in behavior. The aim of the overall education of child physical, mental, intellectual, moral and spiritual development is. This link is connected to a hostel students Snskarkshm atmosphere with modern facilities providing quality education is a unique institution. Funeral plans are governed by the entire program here. Students Pratasmrn morning wake up from sleeping at night, praying, Acharya greetings, sports, branch, self-education, food, prayers, hymns and devotional songs, Jayntiya of men, in all parts of the festival and the festival rites etc. macro view of the routine is targeted.

4 km west of the hostel Surykund Gorakhpur railway station, 100 meters from the railway crossing is located in north Surykund colony.

Hostel Fee

Class VI To XII

S.No. Admission Time New Student Old Student
1 Hostel Fees(First Section) 35000 *****
2 Student Fee 2000 2000
3 Securities Amount 1000 1000
4 Hostel Fee(Secound Section by October 1) 15,000 15,000