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Education is the name of the behavior of the child's life and bring positive changes in behavior. The aim of the overall education of child physical, mental, intellectual, moral and spiritual development is. This link is connected to a hostel students Snskarkshm atmosphere with modern facilities providing quality education is a unique institution. Funeral plans are governed by the entire program here. Students Pratasmrn morning wake up from sleeping at night, praying, Acharya greetings, sports, branch, self-education, food, prayers, hymns and devotional songs, Jayntiya of men, in all parts of the festival and the festival rites etc. macro view of the routine is targeted.

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our country India 'knowledgeable, mystics, I Tejsvion land where people with great knowledge capital in the world was astonished by dedicated people saying I had broken! Knowledge involved in India, you have the world Mukutmani the I Jagadguru do I, but today the post-Independence made the country's environment, it is clear that the values ​​falling in the I, we all feel directionless and Pshchatwikrn and materialization due to the newness of the Races include I the atmosphere survival recognizing how for this country wise worried I all their in efforts are working but affective mental revolution, program, meets and through speeches made can not have I By education we turn towards the contrary opinion I can do.

Other countries imitated built on education-system by virtually Today Indian special stymied the worst affected, the Indian woman, I Swami Vivekananda's vision educated and my country's female community and the nation in the prime of striving I will do.

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After independence and the self in all walks of life in terms of a sense of "self" was required creation of mechanisms. Pride in the child's life, home, history and rich traditions of Swsnskriti and tried to rekindle the sense of belonging to the emotional unity, becomes a citizen of the nature. Lack of qualified people in all walks of life left standing appears mouth. Several plans were made to build the nation, factories were built, but the person behind the construction.

Qualified Snskarmay education meaningful and effective nation building and the best and only means of progress. The culmination of the moral decline of the youth in our country today is visible everywhere. Forget their country's pride, his self-zero trend toward Western culture is apparent.

The fundamental reason is the lack of accurate and extremely competent education, the country needs so that in schools where Swbhasha indigenous Jivnadrshon Swsnskriti and his men in the life of a child with the knowledge, pride and self-respect of their works and glorious tradition Wake up the price. This will form the basis of enduring emotional integration, will become sacred ground atom, individual faith, faith in the form of pushing her to drive the divinity could appear. That would force the nation's long lived.

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